Josephine Pon

Responsible for contributing to the overall success of the Prairie Region through development of relationships with media, community leaders, targeted community segments and to provide advice and counsel to District Vice Presidents, VP- Multicultural Banking in Toronto and branch sales team members consistent with the overall bank strategy.

This includes meeting financial objectives related to the profitable growth, retention of the bank’s retail and small business customers and to be more competitive in the banking industry. Develop/implement different marketing tactical strategies, create innovative ideas and initiatives for all of the districts and Multicultural Banking teams to target and acquire new customers and to increase our market share in the community leading to the delivery of outstanding financial results for the corporation.

Also she is Chair of the Board (from June 2013 to present), Chair, Immigrants of Distinction Awards (from 2011 to present), Board member (from May, 2008 to present).

Three decades of helping introduce people to life in Calgary. She is been making a difference in lives of newcomers for more than 30 years.

Working with Immigrant Services Calgary she appreciates the valuable contributions immigrants make to Canada while also understanding the difficult challenges of settling in a new country. She work together with immigrants to help them realize the full potential of their lives in Canada.

She is passionate, collaborative, accountable, and ethical leader in settlement services. She believe that people come first. She is committed to quality services for a diverse Canadian community.