Sai Sharma

I would like to thank you and your board of directors to have given me the opportunity to be a guest speaker on March 3rd, 2014.

I would be delighted to attend this meeting and speak on a topic of your choice to assist your membership regarding commerce.

It would be greatly appreciated if some guide lines could be given to me so that I can prepare myself accordingly and benefit the listeners accordingly.

The following is some back ground about my business life in the City of Calgary from 1980 - current.

1980-1982 - started a business with my elder brothers in the line of Horticulture, with a 160 acre farm in a small town called Keoma, Alberta. Established half acre green houses and a garden center on the East side of Airdrie. Business was successful but due to the economical recession with hit Alberta in 1982, the banks called in the loan and we had to shut down.

1982 - 1988 was employed with Checker cabs, and also started our Hare Krishna Temple in 1987 here in Calgary, of which I have been the Temple President for the last 18 years.

1988-1990 - went back to England to join with my brother to formulate a construction company, with which I was a part of up until my mother had a heart attack and decided to come to Canada and take care of her.

1990 - 1992 - worked for a confectionery company and was assigned as manager in Kamloops, B.C. Took this company from a deficit position to profitability in less then two years, but the head office in Edmonton decided to close the division in 1992 in just do business in Alberta.

1992-1999 - Formulated my own construction company - working with management companies as well as looking after retail clients.

1999-2012 - Shut down the construction company and ventured into the Granite Industry, with an investment of only $10,000.00, and built it over the twelve year period to a multi million dollar company. I acquired accounts such as Home Depot Canada, Totem Building Supplies, Rona Building Supplies, Ikea, which did not have a Granite Counter top program in place.

We started the business in a 4500 square foot location the first five years, then went to 12,500 square foot for the next five years and then expanded to 60,000 square foot in which we were producing not only Granite but also laminate, Solid Surface, Quartz, and stocking all our raw materials along with natural flooring materials. Till this day, no one has been to able to supply all four counter top surfaces from one location in terms of manufacturing and installation of a completed product. With the recession which hit us in 2008, the financial institutes naturally changed there regulations and lending perimeters and called in the line of credit which the co-operation was not able to repay in the time stipulated and was forced to shut down in mid 2012.

2012 - current - Have my own construction company looking after retail clients who require varies types of renovation services such as bathroom, kitchen, counter tops etc. Just in the last month I have acquired a exclusive line of Kitchen cabinets from overseas which will be the cutting edge from all four perspectives of doing business.

1. Time line
2. Quality of product
3. Price
4. Quality of service

I hope this will be enough or may be too much, let me know how you wish us to proceed when we get together since I would definitely like to target your listeners target and expectations.